My Materials

My Materials

Lene Daugaard tegner i tegnehytten


Realism and detail. Animals and natural elements.
With pencil I draw animal pictures with an emphasis on realism and many details. Regardless of the realistic style, the drawings are not photo-realism, but have their own unique expressions. My intention is to create beautiful, expressive drawings, and here the pencil is unsurpassed for detail. I also really like black and white illustrations.


Realism, details and beautiful colors. Animals and flowers.

I find working in colored pencil very different from working with pencil, for the obvious reason that the colors add an extra dimension and change the workflow itself.

I was initially very keen on drawing "purely in colored pencil", but have later worked in a mix with e.g. watercolor, and that opens up new possibilities. Despite a long learning curve, I really enjoy the process of drawing with colors.

I've had a long break from colored pencils, but I'm very keen to get them going again.


Animal drawings and Natural History illustrations of animals and flowers.
With pen and liquid ink I draw dogs and other animals. Here is my intention to create beautiful, stylized animal drawings. A little whimsical, but still realistic to look at.

Natural history illustrations are of course realistic, but I strive for them to have a personal expression. My NH illustrations in marker have an Oldschool look.

I also draw quite stylized or funny and humorous drawings in marker.

Ink is well suited to a mix with watercolour, if you want colour.

Flow and Colors. Animals and plants.

When it is especially the colors of a motif that inspire me, I choose watercolor's special ability to create beautiful images through layer upon layer. Intention: To create fascinating, colorful images with animals and plants.


Natural history illustrations of Animals and plants.

Realistic drawings of animals and natural elements. The meaning of NH-illus is to observe and record nature for scientific use, often for magazines, boards and books. But the pictures can be very decorative and ideal as wall decoration. So I want to create a combination with beautiful, decorative NH illustrations.


I find that pastel is very suitable for Realism, Details and Colors. I have concentrated on animal images in pastel. The soft look in pastel helps to create beautiful, expressive and colorful images. Pastel is very different to work in than both colored pencil and watercolor. The other 2 media are very clean to work in, where pastel - both dry and oil pastels - present more of a challenge in terms of dust and coloring outside the paper.


Female portraits. Animals. Illustrative. Abstract.

I have made various things with acrylic, which is probably the most versatile medium in my opinion. Both in terms of mixmedia, mixing colours, choosing substrates etc.

I have painted on canvas, wooden boards and paper.

Several series with animals – realism with unusual compositions, cropping or color choices. To achieve beautiful realism with an original touch.

I have also painted illustrations on paper along with other media.

Abstract motifs. The most fun was painting my series "Funky Vases", which now hang in my living room. I had so much fun just letting go and painting them. They were painted during an online course, with an American painter, who to that extent encouraged free play.

I have now put the canvases behind me to devote myself to the world of illustration. You can see examples of my acrylic paintings here.

You can find examples of my drawings and paintings under Links: SHOP - print and PAINTINGS

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