About Lene

About Lene

I am Lene Daugaard. I am passionate about drawing and painting.

I am most inspired by animals and nature. I love to draw and paint animals with pen and brush.

Plants/flowers are also a source of inspiration.

Being out in nature is an absolute must for me. Nature is where I best recharge with renewed energy.
My sister and I enjoy going on 1-day hikes around heaths and plantations and forests in Jutland.


My media are pencil, marker, watercolour, pastel and colored pencil as well as acrylic.

Helping animals
I care a lot about the well-being of both domestic and wild animals.

To help nature and animals that are hunted and threatened, whether by poachers, shrinking habitat, pollution or otherwise, I support several organizations that take care of all the problems we humans create for animals in the best possible way in the world.

So animals can be saved/protected and avoid extinction. It is the saddest thing when we lose animal species. It makes the world a poorer place - and we push nature out of balance. A nature of which we ourselves are an inseparable part.

That's why I donate 10% of the sale of pictures to support projects for the animals/nature.

My drawing education

My drawings have been published in books and calendars in England and the USA - Please see the CV page.

I am a trained graphic designer, have attended the School of Classical Drawing, the School of Graphic Design, Graphic School and Art&Design, as well as participated in courses over the years, e.g. croquis, colored pencil, acrylic and watercolor painting.

In 2021 I participated in Art2Life's online course Creative Visionary Programme. A very intense 3 month course on art principles.

I have participated in a 1-year course at Miriam Schulzman's The Artist Incubator. I believe that learning is an important and continuing part of life, including the life of an artist.

Member of the art group Stiplet and Fornæsgruppen.

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