About Lene

I am Lene Daugaard. I am passionate about drawing.

After several years, exhibiting my paintings, I am now in the process of building my illustrations and surface pattern business, so that even more of my drawings can become designs for many things within home design, office supplies, fabric, etc. via licensing and my own production.

My new brandname is Foxtail Studio.

For several years I have had my dog ​​designs at POD shops under the Doggyshop brand.

Foxtail studio is the brand of Lene Daugaards illustration and design business.

Animals and nature are the heart of Foxtail Studio, and Lene wants to spread the joy of these subjects as loveable and beautiful designs to everybody who love animals – domestic as wild and natureelements like florals.

Lene varies her designs from naturalhistory realism to whimsical drawings. The core of Foxtail Studio is all about wonderful creatures and pretty botanicals.

I am most inspired by animals and nature. I love to draw and paint animals with pen and brush.

Plants/flowers are also a great source of inspiration.

Dogs are the animal I have drawn and painted the most. A constant flock of lovely dog ​​drawings can be seen in my Doggyshops, where they delight dog lovers around the world.

My goal is for you to be inspired and delighted by my animal drawings, which I draw in both a realistic and whimsical style.

When I'm not drawing, being out in nature is important to me. Nature is where I best recharge with renewed energy. My sister and I enjoy going on 1-day hikes around heaths and plantations and forests in Jutland.
Also, I visit botanical gardens/greenhouses, I love movies, like doing yoga and being with my family.

About Lene