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& original art for sale (not all artworks)

 You have fallen in love with a painting. What now?
I have startet making original pictures directly for sale via the website, but if the buttons are not below the pictures, you have to 
send me a mail. Tell me what picture, you are in for.

You are welcome to see the picture in my studio, if you have the opportunity, and if I have the picture at home. It may be on display. In those cases, you can be listed as a possible first buyer within a defined time frame.

Reservations; pictures may be sold at present exhibition.

Please read conditions below..

Paintings are without framing except it is mentioned at the price.
Art on paper are matted, ready for framing unless "without mat" is mentioned at the price.

Payment through Paypal. Shipping costs abroad are not included in prices shown.

If you buy directly online, you can return no later than 20 days after receipt, and if the picture is in good condition, you will get your money back.  Payment via PayPal.. Returns are paid by the buyer.

All copyright remains with Lene Daugaard. No works may be copied or used financially for any private or commercial purpose.


I would like to get in touch with you, who like my drawings and paintings.

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