Artist Statement:

My intention is to
to create beautiful, expressive and exicting artwork.

Animals and nature have a strong positive influence on me - and they inspire me to draw and paint.
The shapes, colors, textures of animals and nature, as well as the way of life and behavior of animals capture my heart. They give us insight into an exciting, enchanting and wild world that our own nature harmonizes with and longs for. Presence, tranquility and healing are hidden in nature.

For one part, my drawing and painting universe has a realistic approach, where I want to capture the breathtaking details and similarities of the motif.
At the same time, I have long wanted a combination of drawing and painting in the same motif, and wanted to create motifs where I express myself more abstractly. I work on that at present, where I draw animals in a more sketched and mannered line and ties together with an abstract background, which at the same time gives a more modern expression.

It is my hope that my pictures will bring interest to the viewer. That my drawings and paintings convey my enthusiasm and joy for animals and nature. Every sold drawing, painting and decorative motif from my Doggyshops, makes me grateful.

My media are graphite, ink, watercolors, acrylics, coloredpencils and Pastels.

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