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If you see a design you want to license, please contact me.

Surface design

Drawings & patterns for licensing


Serie: Small colorful birds

Animals & Flowers - realism

Placement designs & illustrations


Colorful birds

The little birds of the garden in beautiful drawings on a white background.

Series: 8 placement drawings
Style: Sweet realism
Media: Watercolor

If this series is of interest, please write to me and get the sheets for each design

Inky dogs

A large series of beautiful b/w drawings of many dog ​​breeds.

Series: placement drawings

Style: Stylized realism

Media: Ink

If this series is of interest, please email me.

Natural history illustration: Animals

Botanical illustrations

We all love flowers.

The wonderful shapes, colors and often a lovely scent is so seductively beautiful. Enjoyed in gardens, in our homes and in nature, its obvious we want to use flowers in our clothing, home-decor and in many things around us. Its uplifting and enjoyable.

For whimsical drawings - look here