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I'm Lene Daugaard. I am an artist, illustrator and painter. I want to connect people with animals, plants and nature through my drawings and paintings, by allowing them to find beautiful, interesting and professional images and prints for their homes.

In addition, I pay homage to the woman with female motifs and I play with abstract motifs.

Welcome to my gallery. Here are drawings and paintings for you who are already a collector and you who want to be.

I would love to get new deals with licensees through my portfolio and gallery.


Animals and nature have a strong positive influence on me - let me take you into a wonderful universe filled with animals and plants. I am fascinated by the diversity of life, amazing colors, patterns, textures and wonderful creatures found in nature. So it fills most of my drawings and paintings.

Being out in nature is an absolute must for me. I live with easy access to both forest and meadow areas. In addition to my local nature, I like to go for walks around central Jutland, where nature turns into heathland, plantations and pine forests. Nature is where I best recharge.

My drawing and painting universe has had a naturalistic approach for many years. I love to immerse myself in these motifs of primarily animals, but also flowers and plants. They are with great richness of detail and realism.

Although I like to reproduce in realism, in recent years I have also designed a more original and manned expression in my painting style. It is especially in my paintings, and most expressed in my abstract paintings.

I am fascinated by women as motive. I paint very original personalities as in the series "Misses" or draw and paint women with attitude in the series "Tattoo". Both series are portrait-like and from free imagination.

And then of course there are my dog ​​drawings. If dogs are your great interest and hobby, you can benefit from the fact that I draw and paint many dog ​​breeds. They are for sale as designs on many things in my Doggyshop.

Take a look through my various collections! You can see my web gallery where you can also see what I have of available originals :)

I have several styles, but my focus is on animals, nature and women's motifs with a sprinkle of abstract images.


My media are Pencil, Ink, Watercolor and Acrylic as well as Colored Pencil and Pastel.

Exhibitions etc.

I have exhibited in many art associations, as well as elsewhere in Denmark and England. 

In addition, my art is published in books and calendars in England and the USA - Please see the CV page.

I am educated as graphic designer, have attended the School of Classical Drawing, the School of Graphic Design, Graphic School and Art & Design, and participated in courses over the years, among others. croquis, crayon, acrylic and watercolor painting.

In 2021, I participate in Art2Life's online course Creative Visionary Program. A very intense 3 month course on art principles.

I also attend a 1 year course at Miriam Schulzman's The Artist Incubator. I believe that learning is an important and continuing part of life, including artist life.

Member of the art group Stiplet and the Fornæsgroup.

I love american cars from the fifties & sixties 

7 Fun Facts

I'm a choclate addict. I love chocolate and light chocolate from Rittersport as well as Toblerone are my favorites.

My daughter is a skilful poet, and she also draws adorable drawings

My favorite wildcat is the Lynx

I often hear music when I draw. The list consists mostly of Danish / English pop and a few rock songs

Walking and hiking are very important to me. Here I recharge and calm down. My brain often runs at 100 kilometre per hour - and in a 4-lane road - so a break in nature  is important


My starsign is Gemini


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