Artist Bio_Eng


Lene Daugaard was born in Aarhus in 1961. She now lives in a small town near Aarhus.

Lene is inspired by the amazing colors, patterns, textures and wonderful creatures found in nature.

In illustrations and drawings, she works with pencil, ink and watercolor as well as pastel. These drawings are of great detail and realism.

Lene paints with acrylic, for the medium's many possibilities. Most often she works in 1-2 media, where pens and pencils of different kinds are added as exciting lines and textures. Texture is one of her great driving forces in drawing and painting. Most recently, she has begun to combine animal and abstract, an expression that adds symbolism and new narrative to the motif.

Lene is self-taught, but has attended the School of Classical Drawing, the School of Graphic Design, Graphic School and Art & Design, and participated in courses over the years, among others. croquis, crayon, acrylic and watercolor painting. She is currently participating in the Art2Life online course Creative Visionary Program.

Lene has exhibited in many art associations. Every year she participates in her local art group Stiplets Easter Exhibition.

She has exhibited in Denmark and England. Her art has been judged in several competitions. Lene has won an award in England and good places in international competitions. In addition, her art has been published in books and calendars in England and the United States - Please see the CV page.