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© Al kunst på sitet er copyright ejet af Lene Daugaard, og må ikke kopieres i hverken privat eller salgsmæssig øjemed uden kunstnerens tilladelse. // All artwork on the site is copyright owned by Lene Daugaard, and must not be copied in neither private or sales-related purposes without the artist's permission.

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Drawings & paintings by Lene Daugaard


Drawing and painting are my passion, and I love to sit at my drawingtable or at my easel, and create images on the wihte paper or canvas. I love b/w images as well as very colorful ones.









Do you also love animals?

Then join me looking into nature and the animal world.
A diversity of life, amazing colors, patterns and wonderful creatures.

Nature is around us and within us. I really enjoy to be out in nature, finding peace and recharge.

I express my facination of animallife with pencils, pastels, watercolors and acrylics.

I draw and paint all kinds of animals, wild as domesticated, from scales and feathers to rough fur.
I have my Doggyshops (see Shop link), as I draw and paint many dogs - even I actually have 4 cats and no dogs for the time being.

In my abstract paintings, the motif appears in a pre-selected color palette. Ideas arise along the way and detail layers are placed at the top. I am a lover of textures, so I will gladly scratch and make marks in the painting.

My thoughts circle around being able to combine the 2 mentioned motifchoises, animals/nature and abstracts. It is not easy for me, to twist the classic drawing/painting-demands, so a big challenge, to find methods and results that I like. Hopefully I can develop it to workmethods and results I like.

In my femaledrawings/-paintings I use realistim as well as a bit of abstraction for orginal, quirky personalities like my "Misses" serie - Females with bold color and large hairstyles.

In my print designs, I like to start with hand drawing. I like the quirkiness that can be in free drawing. Then a pattern is composed on the computer. 

I am self-taught, but have attended the School of Graphic Design, Graphic School and Art & Design, and participated in courses over the years. If you want to look at my drawing board or easel, visit my blog


I have exhibited in Denmark and England. I've been judged into several competitions. I have won a prize in England and good rankings in international competitions. Moreover, my art is published in books and calendars in England and the United States - please look at my CV page.



I am a member of the local artgroup: Kunstgruppen Stiplet.

I am a member of PencilArtSociety