Drawings & paintings by Lene Daugaard


Drawing and painting are my passion, and I love to sit at my drawingtable or at my easel, and create images on the wihte paper or canvas.









My drawing and painting universe is filled with animals, plants, natural objects, women and abstract expressions

I have great love for and admiration for nature and its diverse life. I explore details, textures, colors and shapes and draw or paint vibrant animals and plants with graphite, crayon, pastel, felt, watercolor and acrylic.

I also draw / paint women, from naturalistic pictures to very caricatured personalities.

In my abstract paintings, the motif appears in a preselected color palette via many brush strokes, ideas arise along the way and detail layers are placed at the top. A somewhat different and freer working method than in my realistic  artwork, and I enjoy alternating between these different approaches.

In my print designs, I like to start with hand drawing. I like the quirkiness that can be in free drawing. Then a pattern is composed on the computer.

I am self-taught, but have attended the School of Graphic Design, Graphic School and Art & Design, and participated in courses over the years. If you want to look at my drawing board or easel, visit my blog  - you can also read about the different media I work with: Me and my media



I have exhibited in Denmark and England. I've been judged into several competitions. I have won a prize in England and good rankings in international competitions. Moreover, my art is published in books and calendars in England and the United States.



I am a member of the local artgroup: Kunstgruppen Stiplet.

I am a member of PencilArtSociety

© Al kunst på sitet er copyright ejet af Lene Daugaard, og må ikke kopieres i hverken privat eller salgsmæssig øjemed uden kunstnerens tilladelse. // All artwork on the site is copyright owned by Lene Daugaard, and must not be copied in neither private or sales-related purposes without the artist's permission.

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